Social Responsibility

More than just a business, Paradigm Infinitum also plays an active role in the community. We are committed as an organisation to contributing to knowledge, supporting our community, and making a contribution to worthy causes. Paradigm Infinitum has a strong reputation for taking on non-profit projects and supporting community organisations.​

Australian Institute of International and Strategic Studies


Paradigm Infinitum's Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) was established in 2008 as an arm of Paradigm Infinitum (a training and consulting firm). ISIS is engaged in a range of activities focusing on objective policy analysis and fostering dialogue and debate within and between the public sector, the private sector, elected representatives, academia and the informed public. This is a way for Paradigm Infinitum to give back to the community, and also to give back to our former participants, by engaging them in issues, and offering coaching and mentoring through our research fellow programme.





Nordic Forum of Australia


The Nordic Forum is an independent think-tank set up by Paradigm Infinitum, an Australian based consulting and training business. The Nordic Forum operates in conjunction with other non-profit arms of Paradigm Infinitum, including the Institute for Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) and The Asia Business Forum. 

The Nordic Forum was set up to encourage discourse, engagement, and examination of issues currently being faced in the Nordic nations, by interested parties here in Australia. 

The Nordic nations, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, occupy a unique place in our rapidly globalising world, and although they may well seem like the most distant places possible from Australia, we believe there is much to learn from the region.




New Media and the Informed Citizen


“New Media and the Informed Citizen” is a community research project undertaken by Paradigm Infinitum. The project is a comparative study of the use of new media and its impact on the political system in Malaysia and Australia and is threefold – involving a research paper, a website, and an international symposium held in Brisbane. This project was funded by the Australia-Malaysia Institute, a unit of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia.