Our People

Paradigm Infinitum's consultants are drawn from a wide range of industrial experiences and share a dedication to practical solutions tailored to individual clients' needs. Paradigm Infinitum's consultants have significant experience in the Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific.

Wai Kiong CHAN,

CEO and Senior Consultant

(MBA GU, ME-Com GU, GradDip AdVocEd GU, BIntBus QUT, Cert IV TAE)


Kiong is a specialist in strategic consulting and executive development and has designed, developed, and delivered numerous courses in management, leadership, business, international studies, and strategy. Kiong has taught courses ranging from Certificate and Diploma levels through to Master degree level.


Kiong was previously a senior human resource development professional in a large Australian organisation (12,000 employees). In 2002 his team’s leadership development project was awarded the State Gold Award for Excellence in Corporate and Support Services.  Kiong has trained numerous professionals from throughout Australia, and many other countries. In 2005, Kiong chaired the review of all human resource development and training in a large government department in Australia, in response to an official government report by the Crime and Misconduct Commission, and was involved in the development of over 30 different information, education and training products. 

Kiong speaks a variety of languages including English, Indonesian, Malay, Teochew Chinese, Hokkien (Taiwanese), Cantonese, and basic Mandarin. Kiong was educated in Australia, and his qualifications include Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment, Bachelor of Business, Graduate Diploma in Adult and Vocational Education, Master of E-Commerce and Master of Business Administration (MBA).


Kiong has been a passionate promoter of international relations, leadership, strategy and good governance, and has regularly spent 20 to 40 unpaid hours per week in this regard. Over the last several years, Kiong has regularly promoted Brisbane and Queensland as destinations for culture, education, tourism, and business investment.  Kiong is highly respected by the international and local community in Queensland, and regularly provides assistance to residents and students needing help. 



  • Co-Chairman, International Circle

  • Co-Chairman, Asia Business Forum (ABF)

  • President, Australia Malaysia Business Council Queensland (AMBCQ)

  • Board Member, Lord Mayor of Brisbane’s International Business Roundtable

  • Co-Chairman, Australian Institute of Strategic and International Studies (AISIS)

  • Co-Founder, Nordic Forum

  • Alumnus, Australian Government’s Australia Malaysia Institute, DFAT

  • Former Director, 31 Digital TV

Wai Kin CHAN

Senior Consultant

B.Eng (Hons 1), B.Art (Hons 1), B. Teaching

Shona Leppanen-Gibson

General Manager and Senior Consultant

(BA Hons 1 GU, ME-Com GU, Cert IV TAE)

Shona has extensive experience in marketing, public relations, media management, government, e-commerce, strategy, planning, and education and training. She has worked for several universities and educational institutions, as well as clients in the private and government sectors in a variety of industries. Shona also has trained numerous public servants and managers in leadership and management.

Shona has planned, organised, managed and evaluated numerous forums, symposia and conferences.  She has also assisted symposium presenters in conceptualising, researching, analysing and preparing their presentations. She has worked for several universities and educational institutions, and in the private and government sectors.
Shona has a very strong understanding of Asian and international affairs, and is the current President of the Australia Malaysia Business Council (Qld).  Shona frequently travels to Asia, and her knowledge of Asian cultures and Asian political economy has on a number of occasions resulted in her being invited to brief Australian diplomatic and government officials being posted overseas. 


Shona studied in Australia and has won several scholarships, academic awards and writing awards. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Media) with First Class Honours, and a Master of Electronic Commerce.  Shona is a twice alumnus of the Australian Government’s Australia Malaysia Institute.


Apart from serving as on the executive of the Australia Malaysia Business Council Queensland (AMBCQ) since 2007, Shona is also the Chairman of the Asia Business Forum and the Chairman of the Nordic Forum of Australia.  In 2011 Shona was selected by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to represent Australia in the inaugural Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders Programme in KL, Malaysia.  She was also invited to attend the 25th Asia Pacific Roundtable, a multilateral senior leadership forum focussing on strategic and international issues affecting the Asia Pacific Region.



  • Participant by Invitation, 25th Asia Pacific Roundtable in KL (a forum of 300 invited senior leaders from the Asia Pacific and around the world)

  • Alumnus, Inaugural Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders Programme (A2ELP) in KL (represented Australia at the invitation of the Australian Government)

  • Co-Chairman, International Circle

  • Co-Chairman, Asia Business Forum (ABF)

  • Senior Vice President, Australia Malaysia Business Council Queensland (AMBCQ)

  • Former Director, 31 Digital TV

  • Co-Chairman, Australian Institute of Strategic and International Studies (AISIS)

  • Chairman, Nordic Forum

  • Alumnus, Australia-Malaysia Institute, DFAT

Wai Kin has extensive management consulting and corporate experience in Australia, the US and throughout Europe. After several years as a senior consultant at Accenture, he moved to another global giant, Deutsche Bank, as Project Manager in Global Technology Services, where his exceptional performance saw him promoted to Vice President of Marketing and Sales at just 27 years of age. As Head of Strategic Alliances at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, he achieved significant results for the bank, such as cost savings of 17 Million Euro in one project.


Wai Kin has worked with clients and strategic partners in numerous countries, ranging from SMEs to global corporations including Deutsche Bourse, Shell, Dow Chemicals, JP Morgan Chase, Bayer, BASF, ABN Amro, Siemens, SAP, Mannesmann, Invensys, ABB, Parker Hannifin, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Bahlsen, KSB, Hoechst-Celanese, MTV, PeopleSoft, Queensland Railways, and Deutsche Bahn (German Railways).


With a First Class Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, a Bachelor of Arts, and a Bachelor of Teaching, Wai Kin is also fluent in English, and German. He also has strong language skills in Japanese, Teochew Chinese, and Hokkien (Taiwanese), as well as basic French, Indonesian, Malay, and Cantonese.