Corporate Training

Paradigm Infinitum has a proven track record of excellence in professional development and corporate training. We specialise in leadership, strategy, management, team work, emotional intelligence and organisational capacity building.

All training is delivered by our professional consultants who have extensive experience and qualifications. Our consultants are highly experienced in adult and vocational education, so you can be assured that training is high quality and focused on vocational outcomes.

Tailored corporate solutions are our speciality. Training can be structured to meet the individual needs of your organisation and your employees and can be scheduled around your business priorities.

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LEAD Programme
Short Courses

The LEAD Programme is Paradigm Infinitum's flagship training programme and has an excellent reputation. This intensive programme is designed to develop future senior leaders by improving and broadening participants' skills, knowledge and understanding of a broad range of concepts, principles of leadership, strategy and management. Areas covered include leadership theory, emotional intelligence, ethics, strategic thinking, strategic analysis, strategy development, strategy implementation, change management, negotiation, CLM, media management, motivation, coaching and mentoring, and continuous improvement.


The programme enables participants to look beyond their current role to adopt a future oriented perspective whilst dealing with current issues. Participants are also encouraged to examine the subject of leadership, strategy and management more holistically from a whole of organisation perspective, as well as from the perspective of the numerous stakeholders that form part of the organisation's environment.


Our short courses are designed to develop greater leadership and management skills to improve current practices and prepare participants for future responsibilities. We deal with the real world and offer effective, proven and practical training.


Short courses can be arranged on an "as needed" basis for groups of 4 or more. Short courses are held at our office facilities, conveniently located in Brisbane CBD, or arrangements can be made to hold courses 'in house'. 


Topics include:


  • Strategic Thinking

  • Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Strategic Management

  • Change Management

  • Work Preference Profiling



Positive Workplaces

The Positive Workplaces Programme is a tailored workplace-based professional development programme aimed at helping organisations to develop positive, productive and pleasant workplaces. It uses a powerful and effective method that combines practical professional development with quantitative measurement of data. This course is designed to develop participants' understanding of self-leadership, emotional intelligence, team-work, conflict management, and stress-management skills to help participants to improve current practices, attitudes and behaviour, as well as prepare for future supervisory responsibilities. This programme is suitable to people at all levels of the organisation.


The Positive Workplaces Progamme is designed to:


  • Build high performance in individuals and teams

  • Build high morale

  • Foster good leadership and interpersonal communication

  • Build cohesive teams

  • Fix short term and long term problems affecting teams