About Us

Our vision is to develop leaders and to contribute to good leadership and governance practices in the corporate and government sectors and in the wider community.


Paradigm Infinitum is a Brisbane based training and strategic consulting firm specialising in corporate and accredited training, as well as strategic consulting. In terms of training, Paradigm Infinitum offers Australian Government qualifications as well as corporate training and professional development for individuals, businesses and government.  We specialise in leadership, strategy, and executive training and development. 

Our specialties include the following:

  • International Business Consulting

  • Management, PR & Strategy Consulting

  • Corporate Training


Consulting and training is delivered by our professional consultants who have extensive experience and qualifications in adult and vocational education, extensive real-world experience, and significant experience in senior leadership roles in Australia and internationally.  Our consultants do not merely talk about leadership, strategy and management, they practice it.  In recent times, Paradigm Infinitum and its people have worked with, engaged with or hosted numerous leaders from various fields, including business leaders, NGO leaders, media leaders, academic leaders, community leaders, national leaders and international leaders including Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Leaders of Parliament, ambassadors and high commissioners, corporate heads, heads of think tanks, media heads, and a UN Under-Secretary General. 


Our consulting services are of high quality, and our clients include several large Australian and overseas organisations.  Our training is high quality and focused on vocational and professional outcomes and we consistently receive excellent feedback from our clients.  We also offer highly specialised emergency management, crisis management and emergency response training to governments and private industry.  


Paradigm Infinitum’s professional development principles


Paradigm Infinitum stands by the following principles which we implement in all stages of service delivery and facilitation:

  • Provision of high quality strategic consulting services

  • Commitment to a practical, ethical, reliable and effective approach

  • The strategic alignment of all elements of each programme to the overall strategic priorities and initiatives of the client

  • A continual focus on meeting client needs at a personal, team and organisational level

  • Developing practical learning experiences with outcomes that are linked to dealing with workplace problems and issues

  • Providing opportunities for personal development through critical ‘reflection on practice’ by guided discussion and reference to the latest research

  • Ensuring learning is experiential and interactive

  • Implementing an evaluation process that is detailed, rigorous and targeted 


The meaning of 'Paradigm Infinitum' is 'world view' or 'perspective' 'unlimited', and we strive as an organisation to always live up to our name. We believe our purpose is to unleash the potential and realise the capacity of individuals and organisations whom we consult to, train and develop.